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FastTutorial.com is the ultimate educator, providing quick and easy tutorials on all sorts of topics (18+ categories!). The site has a vast library of byte-sized tutorials that can be accessed in an instant to help you learn about anything from coding to cooking! It’s the one place where you’ll find any information you need, whether it’s how to make your own pizza dough or what makes up the Earth’s atmosphere.

What do we offer?

Our tutorials range from baking and computers to math and social media . We cover a wide variety of topics, so you’ll never be stuck not knowing how to do something!

We offer an easy way to learn how to do new things in a short time without reading any large and boring manuals. Our tutorials may be short , but they are packed with information.

Meet David – Founder and Webmaster

Larry Nelson, Webmaster at FastTutorial.com
Meet David, Webmaster at FastTutorial.com

David founded FastTutorial in 2007 while working as a writer for a tech review site . After seeing the need for short and fast tutorials on a daily basis Larry decided to create the ultimate tutorial resource.

What makes us different?

At FastTutorial, you’ll find quick tips that are easy to read. Our informative tutorials are perfect for beginners who want to learn how to start something new like learning the guitar or creating a website.

We make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and if you’re unable to find a tutorial, just email us! We’ll help in any way we can.