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Are circular knitting needles good for beginners?

You can purchase different cable lengths depending on the scope of your project. Using the correct length needle for your project is important because the number of stitches you have must fit comfortably on the needle. Different manufacturers can produce other lengths such as 11 or 34 inches. The pattern you want to knit should tell you what length and size you need for circular knitting needles.

Common lengths are 16, 24, 29, 36, and 40 inches.

What are circular knitting needles used for?

If you knit a 20″ hat onto a pair of 32 circular knitting needles, your hat won’t sit comfortably on the needle. Knitting in the round, on the other hand, is like a train that goes up the circumference of the mountain and winds its way up. They also break a little less frequently than straight or double-pointed needles because circular needles have shorter tips. Note that for color-coated needles, the body chemistry of some knitters can cause the surface color to wear off over time and create rough patches.

The wrong needles not only slow you down (considerably), but they can also give you pleasure in knitting or breaking it. You’ll hear from other good brands mentioned on forums like Knitter’s Pride and Knit Picks, but ChiaoGoo Red Lace circulars are overwhelmingly the first choice for knitters.