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Can you use the dyson airwrap on long hair?

Hair that is too wet takes too long to style, and hair that is too dry cannot be styled at all. Now that I’ve got the hang of it, my curls look pretty good all day (see my photo here, which was taken 10 hours later. This sweet spot for me is when my hair looks mostly dry but still feels a bit steamy and moist. The curls are not perfect, but they are not flat either).

The brushes and hair dryer attachments were self-explanatory, but the barrels contradict everything I’ve ever learned about curling hair.

Can you use the Dyson Airwrap on long hair?

You’ve heard of the classic Dyson airwrap, but its big sister promises the same salon-worthy results with new longer barrels specifically geared towards those of us with long hair. I’ve had my Dyson airwrap for about a month now and I’ve had the opportunity to get the hang of it and try out all the attachments. PayPal Credit customers shopping on the Dyson website are eligible for a promotional price of 0% p. I saw a demo by Jen Atkin in her Instagram Stories of getting messier beach waves with the airwrap, but I still need some practice before I can master this effect.