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Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint?

This tutorial channel is suitable for artists who want to start painting and produce their first landscape paintings in oil paints or acrylic. That means his oil paintings are just as amazing. After a thorough analysis of countless current YouTube videos, I found and recommended the following channels and instructors to learn how to draw and paint. While these tutorials are pretty advanced, Joe Cornelius aka Mural Joe is doing a great job of keeping it simple.

Can I learn acrylic painting myself?

Robie, I’ve been drawing commercially with pencil, crayon and watercolor paints for 35 years, but I’ve never tried acrylic paints. If you prefer to sketch beforehand, Griffin notes that many artists do it digitally to model their ideas and play with different colors before they actually start the painting process. If you don’t have an easel, you can use books or other items to support your painting. However, I strongly recommend buying some kind of easel, it will make your work much easier. I saw that you taught yourself how to paint. As a retired teacher, I believe you would qualify as a great teacher to teach us new beginners.