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How can i make my hair wavy easily?

Secure your hair with two non-slip hair clips and then hit the sheets. Next, grab a hair donut and place it over the base of your ponytail before wrapping your hair around it and weaving strips above and below the donut. To make your hair curly and defined, try out this fabulous style and create beautiful wavy curls with a curling iron. On dry hair, tie your hair into a high ponytail with an invisibobble (to avoid wrinkles) and then run a moisturizing serum through the tail.

By curling

your hair with a curling iron (or straightener) and then combing each curl back with a brush, you can add more body and bounce that wouldn’t come out naturally otherwise.

How can I make my hair slightly wavy?

Then use a 1-inch curling iron to grab and wrap around vertical sections of hair, leaving out two inches of the ends to prevent the hair from looking over-refreshed. Then you can use the same device to create effortlessly looking bends by simply rotating the iron back and forth as you glide it along every section of hair. GH Beauty Lab professionals recommend setting your style to last and stay frizzy by fogging up a medium-high hold hairspray everywhere and keeping the can about six inches away from your head for easy application. Scarlett says it’s a breeze to get beachy waves without styling tools. Simply coat wet hair with a styling lotion and let it dry in two braids.