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How do i draw a smiling face?

When it comes to drawing a mouth, understanding how these muscles work can be extremely helpful when you need to decide how to portray a particular emotion. The examples in this tutorial show how you can pretty much use the bare minimum lines and shading to get a nice and professional-looking drawing (even as a beginner artist). Of course, the same principles and similar drawing steps can be applied to drawing other body parts and many other objects. As before, draw the bottom line of the upper lip, but this time be sure to lift the corners of the line into a light smile.

How to draw a smiling face?

Please note that this is just one way to draw such an emoji, and there are many more variations. You can draw the bottom mouth curve first, followed by the top curve, and then the small creases on the sides. The emoji is very easy to draw, but it’s still recommended to start with pencil just in case you want to tweak something or make a mistake. The lines from the beginning of the drawing tutorial serve as an excellent guide to this action.

In this case, we strongly recommend that you do not use any auxiliary tools and try to draw a circle only with your hand. You can also pull the eyebrows down a little in the middle next to the nose to enhance the expression of the smile.