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How do i skip pubg mobile tutorial?

The unskippable quests of early history will teach the player a few more mechanics, like New World’s mining system, but these later tutorials don’t take that long, and players have plenty of time to practice these skills in regular play. If a player is struggling with a mechanic, whether it’s because they’ve skipped a tutorial or just being rusty, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone who can explain it. However, it is STRONGLY recommended that you follow the instructions in order, otherwise you will slow down the development of your sector by using up your resources too quickly. So you’re starting a new game, choosing your difficulty level, skipping the first cutscene because you’ve seen it a hundred times, and it’s time to do it.

How do I skip the PUBG Mobile tutorial?

The first thing you need to do is basic training that will give you the essentials you need to play PUBG and even get a chicken dinner. AI training games are just like regular PUBG battle royale solo games, except that you fight bots instead of real players. Right now, there’s no way to skip the PUBG tutorial and AI training that was recently introduced as part of the free update. This includes learning how to use PUBG ADS to move, pick up, fire and aim items, equip weapon attachments, use grenades and heal.

Can you skip the tutorial on FIFA phone?

FIFA 22, fifa 22 guide, fifa 22 how to get started, fifa 22 news, fifa 22 easy guide, fifa how to start, fifa start guide, fut 22, fut 22 news, start guide. While these can be accessed individually from the main menu, FIFA 20 also implements them before the games and while the game is loading. Once you’re done, this tutorial will be skipped immediately so you can keep playing the game. This is true for every tutorial you can find. This is supposed to be based on your recent game performance, so it’s very likely that it could help you.