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How do i skip the new world tutorial?

If you’re a new player, you’ll need the introductory tutorial to know the controls. However, if you are already familiar with it, you don’t need it. Select the Game Menu option from here, and then select Jump to the New World. Select the Game Menu option from here, and then select Jump to the New World. For those who want to dive straight into the wide open world of Aeternum, there’s a game menu option that lets you skip the tutorial.

Additionally, you can skip any tutorial and not just the first ones.

How do you skip the tutorial in Destiny 2?

If a player is struggling with a mechanic, whether it’s because they’ve skipped a tutorial or just being rusty, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone who can explain it. The unskippable quests of early history will teach the player a few more mechanics, like New World’s mining system, but these later tutorials don’t take that long, and players have plenty of time to practice these skills in regular play. Like most MMOs, New World has a tutorial that teaches players basic controls and mechanics, but there’s also a hidden option to jump right past it.

Is there a way to skip the story in Destiny 2?

Note that there’s no way to watch them at any other time in the game if you skip a cutscene without starting the game over or playing through that particular mission through meditation (though YouTube is definitely a thing). We hear you, and for the low, low price of 1000 silver for each character, you can skip playing the campaign. These raids, dungeons, and stories are fun to play through, but Destiny 2 expansions are sold with the idea that you want to keep playing them, and in a world where time and money are limited, Forsaken and Shadowkeep just aren’t worth playing anymore.