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How do you cel shade your hair?

Over time, you can also mix things up and experiment with hairstyles you’ve seen on your favorite anime and manga. You can easily do this by locking the Lineart layer and then coloring it with a color that is darker than the hair or lighter. After the flat color, I create a new layer, set it to Multiply, and shade it with the same color used below. When you shade the hair on paper, you can draw the highlights with a white corrector pen or white paint.

As mentioned in some other examples, this large shadow is created around the neck because the part of the hair is quite closed off from the light.

How do you make anime highlights?

For this type of hair highlight, simply draw two lines to show the top and bottom of the hair highlight, and then either leave the area white or color it with a light color. If the hair is drawn more simply and stylized, complex and realistic highlights seem very out of place. When you watch different manga or anime, you’ll notice that there are tons of different styles when it comes to highlights in your hair. Hair and eyes in anime are often used to express emotions and a character’s personality, so they usually get more detail than in real life.