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How do you clean white shoelaces?

A pair of white Air Force 1s, Chuck Taylors or Stan Smiths just won’t look so good if the laces seem dingy. Of course, you can’t just throw leather in the washing machine, but make sure it gets too wet or the wrong soap is used to avoid staining or staining the leather. Mix a vinegar solution with 1 part of water and 1 part of white vinegar. To keep your fashion sense and a perfect image, you need to clean your laces frequently.

Can laces be washed in a washing machine?

For this process, you will need most of the same products as well as a mesh laundry bag or an old zippered pillowcase so the laces don’t get tangled or stuck in the washing machine. If your laces are extremely dirty or yellow, a small amount of bleach solution may not be enough. Later, I’ll explain step by step instructions on how to clean your laces to keep them looking fresh and brand new. If you don’t have a full load of laundry to do or want a little more control over how you wash your laces, you can also hand wash them.