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How do you clean your house like a professional?

You can clean virtually any home in about four hours a week. I learned this when I had my own. I learned this when I had my own house cleaning business. Part of the reason cleaning other people’s homes is a lot easier than cleaning your own is because you’re not involved in the mess.

Nothing is personal and you don’t get distracted while cleaning. There’s a reason we clean before the housekeeper arrives. To ensure a more efficient job, set yourself up for success by cleaning up first. Place items in designated areas, put laundry away and pick things up off the floor.

That way you don’t have to worry when it comes to cleaning. Before you clean your house, it’s imperative to stock up on the right tools. Do you have a duster that is long enough to reach your ceiling fan? Do you need a special wood cleaner for your table? Ensure you use the right tools and supplies for professional cleaning. Another important tip to clean your house like a pro is to keep it all together.

Most cleaning experts keep supplies in a shower cart to move items from room to room. This can be particularly helpful if you are short on time. We talked to the experts to find out how professional cleaners can clean up your home quickly but thoroughly from top to bottom. Steal these tips and tricks and you’ll be well on your way to a clean home in no time. For example, I always get tired of cleaning every small object on the shelves during general cleaning.

By using the same techniques used by professional cleaning companies, you will not only complete the tasks faster, but the house will also reach a whole new level of cleanliness. Wipe down your shower after each use to make regular weekly cleaning easier, and wipe toilet and toothbrush holders twice a week. Instead of running back and forth, the professionals cut down cleaning time by carrying a container of all the products they’ll be using, such as furniture polish, microfiber cloths, all-purpose spray cleaners, disinfectants, sponges, and scouring brushes, so they don’t have to leave the room every time they want a different item. If you’re feeling so overwhelmed by cleaning that you don’t start at all, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

You don’t need every single special cleaning tool in the world to maintain a professional-level home. A strategy that takes care of cleaning in a systematic and organized way (while offering the flexibility to accommodate your individual needs). You’ll be surprised how improved your cleaning day is by simply adding a few of these principles. Before you start cleaning your bathrooms and bedrooms, remove towels and linens from these areas as part of the recording process so you can reach any surfaces that would otherwise be hidden.

Likewise, cleaning from left to right ensures that you cover the entire room instead of flying from place to place. When it comes to cleaning the house, vacuuming is an absolute must, even if you have tiled or wooden floors. If you stick to a cleaning schedule and do the entire house every week, you’ll likely find that you spend less time doing basic cleaning. You can waste a lot of time doing a single cleaning, such as. B. a duster, to a room to dust them off and then put them away and get window cleaners.

Having had the opportunity to train so many beginners — including some absolutely horrible* professional cleaners — I know what you need to do to get started and, more importantly, quit. Cleaning in this pattern allows you to move all dust and dirt particles to the floor before cleaning. However, you can also move across any surface without having to go back.