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How do you get your hair like farrah fawcett?

Personally, I’ve been styling my hair with the Dyson Airwrap since I bought it a few years ago. So I’m used to having my hair tool do most of the work for me. It’s surprisingly flattering to a variety of hair textures which is why a variety of women rock it. If you have shorter hair, you can use TikTok’s famous Fawcett Flip. Otherwise, gently tip the hair to the side or upside down and spray the dry texture spray all the way through. There are a few ways to recreate this 70s hairstyle.

How to get hair like Farrah Fawcett?

To cut, start at the top and cut the hair straight up and cut it to the desired length (about three inches). And to help women copy Farrah’s look, a nationwide magazine will soon release a feature that provides detailed information on how the Farrah Coif can be reached. Laura Polko, responsible for Lucy Hale and Gigi Hadid’s lush waves, says that the love for the look that Fawcett made famous stems from the love of another popular hairstyle that came before. Social media has also allowed people to be more confident about their hair by trying out new styles and products for their hair type.

What is Farrah Fawcett’s hair called?

This is reflected in the growing interest in the Shag Haircut Think Farrah Fawcett, which is becoming the top trend of the season. Fawcett personally credits legendary French stylist José Eber for feathering her hair first (though several other stylists have since claimed it was they who debuted the cut). The enthusiasm for feathered hair was likened to Jennifer Aniston’s viral Rachel cut, a seemingly casual but also eye-catching hairstyle that became popular by actresses with an appeal to girls next door. Mischa says the shaggy version of the Farrah works best for those with many layers.