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How do you know if there are still kittens inside?

You can help your cat by helping her feel around the bump and gently pushing it continuously over one side of the kitten’s shape so it can turn towards the canal. It could help save the kittens and mother’s lives. It is aggressive or very protective. If your cat doesn’t give birth to its last kitten, it’s likely to develop a fever and the kitten may die.

There is a fluid-filled bladder in the birth canal.

How do you know when a cat stops giving birth?

Sometimes cats finish work due to stress and pass hours before the last kitten is delivered. You need to provide a thorough overview of your cat’s health, including any information you have about your cat’s lineage and details of previous pregnancies or reproductive problems. In this case, the queen stops straining, resting happily, suckling the kittens that have already been born and accepts food, although she has even more kittens available. Most cats give birth to their kittens without any complications. However, first mothers should be looked after by their owners.

There are factors that predispose cats to dystocia, such as age, obesity, history of dystocia, and sudden changes in their environment before they go into labor.