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How long is the gta 5 online tutorial?

You can find more tips, tricks, and FAQ in the rest of Twinfinite, which includes numerous other GTA guides. Therefore, here we will discuss what the teacher should do to make teaching in online classes more engaging. After this point, you have the option to move freely, but the tutorial is not yet complete. You can’t skip that, so just bite the bullet and go through it.

This part can’t be skipped by any means, so you just have to grin and persevere, but it doesn’t take much time at all (less than an hour).

Should I skip the GTA online tutorial?

Many of the cool missions and weapons in GTA Online won’t be available until you reach a certain rank, which you increase by earning the reputation (RP) for completing in-game tasks. While you have the option to skip the mission section of the GTA online tutorial, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT skip this section. I’m already level 25 and I just found out that you should be able to complete these missions to earn money and move up quickly.

How long is the GTA 5 online tutorial?

Not to mention, completing the Grand Theft Auto online tutorial will end up rewarding a car and some money. Choose any outfit you like to complete this step and note that most stores in GTA Online offer the same outfits despite their name. A cutscene immediately begins, in which the player takes a car ride with Lamar, and while driving, Lamar gives you an overview of what you will be doing in GTA Online. With the help of Lamar, navigating Grand Theft Auto Online as a new player has never been easier than this simple learning process.