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How long is the gta 5 online tutorial?

The mission tutorial not only provides a lot of helpful information and unique quests, but also allows you to play with friends later. I’ve done a lot of research and most people who experience this issue get no other answer than creating a new character and doing the tutorial. I’ve even seen people get rejected in this subreddit for reporting this issue. GTA Online is an online multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto V that lets you wreak havoc with other players on the streets of Los Santos.

How long is the GTA 5 online tutorial?

After the race has been successfully completed, Lamar drives the player to Gerard, who serves as a mission provider throughout the player’s entire time in Grand Theft Auto Online. Just like in single player in GTA V, you can’t really go back to the first mission unless you’ve saved before you get to the mission. Once the car is finished, players will be released into the world to wreak havoc, buy weapons, and explore Grand Theft Auto Online to their hearts content. If you’re a Windows user, the easiest way to buy and install GTA online is probably by getting it through Steam.

However, it’s a little different with online games like GTA Online. It’s almost impossible to play the tutorial mission again, isn’t it?