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How many stitches are in an i-cord?

I-Cord is a simple knitting technique that creates a very narrow knit tube that looks a bit like French knitting. But because it’s so small, you can knit it on two instead of the usual four or five double-pointed needles. Slide your stitches from one end of the DPN (or circular needle) to the other. Knit in the right stitch of your left needle and pull the work thread across the back of your stitches to start the next row.

An I-cord is just a small knitted tube, cast to 4M (I used a long tail drop).

How many stitches does an i-cord have?

They tend to have a lot of vertical stretch but are suitable as drawstrings in pockets that are attached as a finishing element or in a more artistic, abstract way to edges and borders. Your thread is back at the end of your stitches, just as it did when you knit the I-cord. For some bizarre reason, every blogger teaches how to knit a 3-stitch I-cord, but no one explains how to finish one. Continue working basic i-cord to the desired length and then tie off according to the number of stitches (suggestions below).