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How to say shut up in korean?

The word comes from the verb (sikkeureopda), which means “to be.” I followed some very stupid advice from another blogger here at the time and used the Korean word for “shut up” to a class of me that was usually their loud self. While it’s wise to avoid being deliberately rude to someone, knowing how to say “shut up” in Korean may still be necessary, just in case. That means you don’t even need to add (ip) to say “shut up,” but it’s good for emphasis.

While it can be fun and even useful to learn some bold Korean words like shut up, it’s even more important to know the more polite equivalent expressions that might apply to use in a daily life situation. It’s actually popular among Koreans to teach their foreign friends how to say “shut up” in Korean — or one of its equivalent terms as some of the first things about the Korean language. The sign for “shut up” (as in “shut your mouth”) closes the fingers and thumb on your lips as if it represents closing your mouth. However, note that even “please be quiet” is considered fairly informal in the Korean language, no matter how formal you try to say it.

Therefore, you can also use this lesson to impress your closest Korean friends. However, please try to limit the use of “shut up” to Korean so as not to offend anyone unnecessarily.