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How to store graduation tassels?

A cute way to show off your tassel after graduation is to put it in an embellishment. Although it can only be seen once a year, tassel ornaments are a great way to make sure it’s protected from damage or loss. Simply buy a clear ornament and carefully insert your memory tassel inside and secure it securely. I don’t really have a reason to keep my finishing tassels other than the fact that they fit in the box.

I should probably get rid of them. USA Custom Pad Corp 16 Winkler Road Sidney, New York 13838 The Online Grad Fair will take place from Friday, October 15, at 7:00 AM MST to Sunday, October 24, at 9:00 PM. Keep an eye on your inbox on Friday, October


Maroon and gold commemorative coins are also available. All items can be purchased via the Herff Jones online shop. Carry your Mortarboard like the academic professional you are. Place the cap on your head so that the tip is in the front, about 1 inch above your eyebrows.

Your mortar board should be worn horizontally on your head and the tassel should be placed on the right side. Some believe that the reason you place the tassel on the right is because you’ve earned the right to graduate. If you are earning a master’s or doctorate in the future, place your tassel to the left of your Mortarboard cap. And since that time that tradition has continued and has now become part of the graduation ceremony of every school and college.

Trying to choose different haircuts for graduation can be more difficult than expected, especially for female graduates. The beginning may be over, but now you still have graduation supplies that you’re not quite sure what to do with them. In addition to other basic burdens like highlighting a resume and moving to college, something else you may need to consider is looking good for your graduation photos. Students must wear caps, dresses, and tassels when attending the university’s opening ceremony in person, as well as convocation ceremonies and convocation events of particular interest.

Attach the tassel with a strip of tape, put the back back into the picture frame, and you’ve just provided a beautiful display of your academic performance for everyone. If you’re still wondering what to do with tassels after graduation and are looking for the perfect decor for your new office space, consider framing your tassel. Dear Sun Devil, The Online Grad Fair is the only time that closing packages are discounted. Style your pixie cut with chiseling splashes or choose a general blast look that will amaze under your graduation.

You may feel limited when it comes to styling alternatives for short hair under a graduation top, yet there are a number of simple choices and different looks you can perform.