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Is a hair wrap bad for your hair?

If you want to add contrast around the outside, pull those colors out as you wrap the section, cross them, and bring them together at the end. Next, braid a section of your hair that is about the thickness of a pencil and secure it with an elastic band. Tie the strands to the top of your thin braid. Keep wrapping and changing colors until you’re done.

Continue wrapping until you reach the desired length for the one color.

Can you wash your hair with a hair wrap?

The embroidery silk is breathable so that the shampoo and conditioner also penetrate the underlying hair. Because the hair wraps are woven so tightly, you should be extra careful and blow dry the hair pack after you get it wet. For hair wraps, a small piece of hair is wrapped in embroidery thread in different colors, which are finished with two to three colorful beads. Wash and dry your hair as usual, but to keep the threads or yarn shiny, you should not use spray and styling solutions.

To change color, wrap the work thread end loosely and thread the end of this thread through the loop from top to bottom.