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Is trombone the easiest instrument?

While it may seem obvious and not worth thinking about, how you hold the trombone is incredibly important because holding the trombone well can improve your technique and prevent injury. Carry the full weight of the instrument in your left hand so that your right hand can work on the slide. If you can keep your trombone right every time, you can be successful in the long term. Learning a misplaced finger or wrist position can create unwanted muscle memory and cause pain throughout your musical career.

When playing the trombone, the player should sit straight with the backrest away from the chair for the best possible breathing.

Is the trombone easy to play?

There are many things you can’t diagnose yourself with trombone (as opposed to visual instruments like piano). The trombone is bulkier, which makes it a bit more difficult to play than the trumpet, especially for those who have never played a brass instrument before. Behind the cornet, the trumpet is the smallest of all brass instruments, making it easier to hold, play and transport to and from class. And unlike other instruments with fixed grip positions, the trombone is more lenient in its positions and tunings, as it is basically just a lengthy tuning slide.

Teeth can be a problem because playing the trumpet without front teeth down and stable may not be a good idea as the mouthpiece rests entirely on the lips and any force is transferred to the teeth (the larger mouthpiece of the trombone also sits on the gum area).

Is trombone the simplest instrument?

This should help choose the easiest instrument to use or help your child decide on one of these instruments. All notes must be spoken on the trombone, even those marked with legato or blur, which is irrelevant to trumpeters. The alto horn (sometimes called tenor horn) is in Eb and it is probably the simplest brass instrument available. If you want to play a brass instrument, you should consider which is the easiest, but although the alto horn is generally the easiest to play, it’s not that common.

Unfortunately, the tuba, be it an Eb tuba or the gigantic Bb tuba, does not appeal to younger players.