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What are graduation tassels made of?

A finishing tassel is an ornament that consists of a bundle of threads hanging from a cord loop secured with a gold or silver metal clasp. Graduation tassels are tied to graduation caps and are an essential part of a graduation party. We’ve highlighted this spring craft along with some other fun crafts for kids in our April Crafts for Kids along with our 101 easy craft ideas for kids. You also don’t want to miss our 101+ printable coloring pages for kids and over 101 printables for kids full of crafting and coloring pages.

Cut 14 pieces of gold lamé string 6 inches long. Cut off a piece of silver cord about 12-14 inches long and tie a loop in the middle. The skirt of the tassel is made on skirt boards. They can be made of wood, cardboard or wire.

These devices are used to wrap the threads to create the right length for the skirt. For almost every level of education, the tassel starts on the right side of the cap and is shifted to the left once the degree is awarded. A wealthy man would have a robe created for his son that had the family tassel on it so that anyone who approaches could easily identify the wearer. No matter how complicated a tassel may be, it really only consists of three parts — the cord, the shape and the skirt.

The tassel that hangs on the Mortar Plate (cap) usually represents the color (s) of the school or grade level the graduate is attending. The guild of passementiers was founded in France in the 16th century and included not only tassels, but also fringes, rosettes, decorative cords and pompoms. At that time, tassels were only made from rare high quality silk and threads that showed you were rich and influential. You can easily create a fun and festive DIY graduation centerpiece that adds all the elements of a graduation party — the year, graduation cap, and school colors.

In the Middle East, only wealthy people from royal families could own things that were adorned with tassels. Hold the tassel on the cord and comb out the skirt so that it is evenly distributed and the end of the string is not visible. We offer graduation tassels that can be worn with a hat and dress as well as keepsake tassels that are perfect for hanging on rearview mirrors. A tassel is defined as a final feature of fabric decoration or as a universal ornament that can be seen in various versions in many cultures around the globe.

The adult tassels are 9 inches with a standard size seal tag and the children’s tassels are 7 inches long with a smaller seal tag. Graduation cap tassels, graduation sashes, graduation cords and honor cords are available in a variety of color combinations at Honors Graduation. Jumbo tassels (gold bars) are thicker and are used for college teams that typically represent a student’s field of study. Create this festive DIY graduation piece from tissue boxes and inexpensive things from the craft business.