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What does fasten off mean in crocheting?

When the crochet is pulled or requires a lot of movement, the interwoven tails may come off occasionally. Therefore, you should weave the yarn tail in different directions to prevent this from happening. Go about an inch in one direction and then the opposite direction and secure the yarn to ensure it doesn’t leak out later when your crochet creation is in use. To attach, cut the thread, pull the thread over the hook and pull through the loop on the hook to the end. Depending on the size of your crochet project, you can only hide 2 tails (1 end of the yarn at the beginning and 1 at the end if you were lucky enough to have a single skein project).

What does buckling mean when crocheting?

Fastening is an important step in crocheting as this action means that all stitches in your crocheted creation stay in place. To attach this way, stop at the last stitch in the row without making a slip stitch and instead cut the yarn and thread the tail end through a yarn needle (also known as a tapestry needle). The best way to fasten and close the remaining hole when you are done crocheting an amigurumi piece. By weaving the tail in, it not only looks neater, but also secures the tail in place so that your crochet won’t unravel even with a lot of movement (never cut the tail all the way to the crochet knot as this could possibly come off by itself).