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What does yemaya help with?

Enjoy your Yemaya festival, and if you’re looking to set up a shrine or already have a shrine, I’d love to hear about your experience or see photos below if possible. Try the meditation above to connect with Yemaya. There are many ready-made kits for Yemaya on the market. Connecting with the energy of Yemaya means advancing your goals, living in your power, and achieving your purpose.


connection to it is to bring your ideas to life with great passion and take pleasure in seeing them come to fruition.

What does Yemaya help with?

Yemaya’s offerings should be arranged ascetically on a white, blue or silver plate. Yemaya She is the Yoruba deity of salty waters and the orisha of motherhood, mother of everything on earth, tireless protector of her children, mistress of the seas and guardian of the world’s wealth. Yemaya was often depicted as a spectacularly beautiful, royal-looking mermaid or as a young woman in a seven-skirt dress that symbolized the seven seas. Yemaya Ibu Agana is a wrathful aspect of Yemaya who lives on the seabed where it produces destruction.

Yemaya She is the queen of the sea and loves it as such, so her religious ceremonies and offerings must always be connected to the salty water.

What do you feed Yemaya with?

Yemaya enjoys rooster, ram and guinea pigs, as well as sweet foods such as molasses, watermelons, oranges, and coconut. Now deity of the seas Ochinchin by Yemaya made from shrimps, capers, lettuce, boiled eggs, tomatoes and chard, ekó (corn tamale wrapped in banana leaves), olelé (facial beans or coated beans made from pasta with ginger, garlic and onions). Yemaya’s favorite foods include wet, shabby fruits like pomegranates and watermelons, as well as fish, duck, and lamb dishes. This beautiful goddess is identified with the Catholic La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, the patron saint of Cuba.