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What is sailor moon hairstyle called?

I actually have very small hair and it’s really thin and a bit short (just goes over my shoulders) and I’ve done it. Gravity-defying anime hair doesn’t always translate well into real life, but thankfully, it’s totally possible for you to do Sailor Moon’s hair at home. I remember in high school I tried to let my hair grow to at least my waist so I could do that hairstyle. If you go on YT and search for “Sailor Moon Hair Tutorial,” there are a few (with different qualities and difficulties).

When she was in school, she tied her hair into buns just like Usagi’s to bring her good luck during difficult exams.

What is Sailor Moon hairstyle called?

Then I took a piece of material from my craft box, cut off a strip of it and shaped it into a bow. I then put a pom-pom scrunchie around the ponytail to recreate a style similar to Jupiter’s scrunchie. I can live my own new dream and channel Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts in a variety of ways, from wearing Pretty Guardian-inspired clothing to fantastic Sailor Moon makeup. To reach Jupiter’s ponytail, I turned my head upside down and brushed my hair back into a tight ponytail.

Odango () refers to a Japanese dumpling and is used to describe hairstyles where the woman’s hair is tied on her head in spherical or almost spherical buns.