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What is the correct order of makeup?

Correct order of facial makeup foundation. Concealer after foundation? Blush in front of eyebrows? The order in which you should apply your makeup is a controversial topic, mainly due to the different opinions on which products should land on your face first.. Foundation serves as a foundation (no pun intended) on which to build your other makeup. Look for a formula that improves your skin type and tone so that your other products can be set right..

If you have even skin, you can skip foundation entirely and dab a few concealer patches onto your problem areas instead.. Always use concealer after applying foundation to avoid using more product than necessary and to prevent your skin from appearing sticky. Dab our buildable cream concealer on the areas that need more coverage (under your eyes, over blemishes, etc.. The back of a foundation bottle may give you guidance on how to apply the liquid solution to your face, but it definitely doesn’t show where it falls in your routine..

Ordering makeup is a tricky topic, especially because there are different opinions about which product lands on your face first. However, if you’re tired of worrying about when to apply concealer, or wondering if you really should do your eye makeup before you swam on foundation, you’ve come to the right place.. While the exact products applied vary depending on the person’s skin type and needs, thorough skin care helps makeup adhere better to the skin, reduces the chance of it peeling off, and can even help make your skin appear more radiant. Using a primer is fairly optional, says Scibelli, but for the sake of this explainer, it falls right after your skincare routine.

She recommends applying the PUER 4-in-1 Correcting Primer to even out skin tone, blur blemishes and create a makeup-ready canvas. Euphoria makeup artist Donni Davy, queen of statement eye makeup, says you should apply eye primer to your eyelids to keep your eye shadow and liner throughout the day and prevent wrinkles.. She loves using the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot Eyeshadow as a base and foundation. OK, so this rule isn’t set in stone, but there are solid reasons to complete your eye makeup and eyebrows before you apply complexion products of any kind.

I can clean up under the eyes if needed without disturbing the concealer or foundation, especially if it’s a heavier eye image, says Scibelli. Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfection Foundation and the Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation are among Lauren’s favorites. Davy says she uses the Glossier Stretch Concealer for under-eye concealers, but for blemishes she uses the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer or Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream. For a lasting but creamy finish, try the MAC Cremesheen Lipstick.

There’s no denying that proper makeup order can be a tricky topic in the beauty world.. It’s easy to see why questions like, “Should you apply concealer or foundation first? or “Eye makeup before face makeup? can turn your head. Everyone seems to have a different answer, but they can’t all be right. While makeup is a great way to discover your creativity, there are rules for applying makeup, especially if you want to achieve a flawless beauty look..

When it comes to your makeup order, it’s important that you start with the right note.. That means you always need to prepare your facial makeup with a makeup primer.. See, makeup primer gives your entire face a smooth canvas for seamless makeup application. Start with a thin layer of L’Oréal Paris’s infallible pro-glow lock makeup primer.

Once your primer has dried, you’re ready to take the next step.. You want to make sure you disguise the appearance of your skin’s discolorations and blemishes to create a flawless base. This is where a color-correcting concealer like the L’Oréal Paris True Match Color Correcting Crayon comes into play. The rules for color correction are that opposite colors cancel each other out..

You should use a color-correcting concealer in a shade that can neutralize the shade you want to disguise. Apply the appropriate concealer sparingly if needed and then blend it with your fingers until it is even. Now it’s time to perfect your complexion. The foundation is practical for giving your face a flawless finish.

Reach for the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation, which provides medium, light coverage and gives your skin a lasting glow. Apply a small amount of foundation to a makeup blender such as the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender and apply to the skin in rolling and dabbing movements for a smooth and even application. If you’re looking for a slightly opaque look, your fingers may prove to be the right applicator. However, never touch your face without washing your hands thoroughly and wash them after applying. You don’t want to find your makeup handprints all over the house. If you want to make sure your makeup is covered from forehead to chin, spray it over your face in an X shape first and then spray a T-shape..

The best makeup routines help the modern woman build her confidence and face the world no matter what the day has in store.. Before you start applying your makeup, take the time to prepare your skin with a high-quality moisturizer. Eyeshadows can make your makeup look more interesting, whether you choose neutral shades or work boldly with colorful shades.. You can use one, both, or neither of these, but each of these products is designed to help make your makeup last longer and look better throughout the day.

If you apply these products before you apply the rest of your face, you can wipe off any fallout with a makeup removal cloth and then continue with your foundation and concealer. We love that following this makeup routine sequence and applying your eyebrows serves as a guide for the rest of your eye makeup.. Even the best makeup artists experience that many of these products fall on their cheeks while they are applied..

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