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What kind of charger does a vuse vape need?

Please remember that Vuse manufactures proprietary chargers that should be used specifically to charge your Vuse Vapes. It is not recommended to use other chargers to charge your vape. First plug the wall adapter into the USB port on your vaporizer, and then plug the other end into an old mobile phone travel adapter (or a suitable adapter). Box mods typically have a built-in micro-USB charging port, but many rechargeable vape pens like JUUL and Vuse Vapes have a unique charging port that doesn’t accept a micro USB charger. The LED light on the Vuse Vibe power supply immediately blinks red three times to indicate whether the connection to the charger was successful.

How do you charge a backup?

To get it back up and running, simply plug your battery into the included charger and plug the other end into any USB port. To charge your Vuse ePen, connect the included USB charging cable to the micro-USB port on the base of the Vuse ePen and plug it into any PC or smartphone USB port. Fortunately, there are several ways to charge your vape without a charger. However, not all of them are safe. Let’s figure that out first. If you want to charge the Ciro using the magnetic contact point, the LED indicator on the power supply turns solid white after you plug it in to indicate that the pen is connected.

Does Vuse need a charger?

If your Vuse Alto feels hot or excessively warm, immediately remove the pre-filled Vuse Alto Pod from the Vuse Alto power supply and call 1-877-614-VUSE (887) to discuss the issue. If your Vuse Solo gets wet or submerged in liquid, immediately disconnect the Vuse PowerUnit from the attached cartridge and dispose of both properly. If your Vuse Vibe gets wet or submerged in liquid, immediately disconnect the power supply from the attached pre-filled tank and dispose of both properly. One of the reasons people love the Vuse Alto so much is that you can buy the device for less than $4.