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What material are graduation tassels made of?

The thicker the cord, the faster it takes to produce tassels, so a cord like Gudebrod size FFF is a good choice for a tassel that can be made quickly. You can make tassels from thread or cord of any size. The traditional tassels you’ll find on a piece of furniture or cushions use thick silk or polyester cords. We’ve highlighted this spring craft along with some other fun crafts for kids in our April Crafts for Kids along with our 101 easy craft ideas for kids.

You also don’t want to miss our 101+ printable coloring pages for kids and over 101 printables for kids full of crafting and coloring pages. A finishing tassel is an ornament that consists of a bundle of threads hanging from a cord loop secured with a gold or silver metal clasp. Graduation tassels are tied to graduation caps and are an essential part of a graduation party. It turns out that a liripipe has been part of clothing for centuries.

Mostly it was the tail or a hood or a cape, but it could also be found on the tip of a shoe. Several dictionary sources, including Webster’s dictionary, suggest that it comes from the cleric Ehippium (enclosure of the clergy). A tassel is defined as a final feature of fabric decoration or as a universal ornament that can be seen in various versions in many cultures around the globe. The word “tassel” comes from Latin “tassau,” which means “closure.”

Each graduation tassel can also include a small metallic graduation year tag that shows the year, including options for years gone by. When you shop at Tassel Depot, you can choose from an extensive selection of solid tassel colors. A wealthy man would have a robe created for his son that had the family tassel on it so that anyone who approaches could easily identify the wearer. Traditionally, a year pendant is attached to the metal clasp of a graduation tassel, which indicates the year of graduation.


are available in a variety of bold solid colors and color combinations and can purchase end tassels on their own or as part of a cap pack. Almost anything can be used in the tassel, including stones, feathers, shells and all kinds of fibres. The post is used to hold the tassel in place when you tie the strings or work with the tassel shapes. Graduation cap tassels, graduation sashes, graduation cords and honor cords are available in a variety of color combinations at Honors Graduation.

The tassel depot can provide your graduating class with the perfect graduation tassels and tassel keepsakes. The guild of passementiers was founded in France in the 16th century and included not only tassels, but also fringes, rosettes, decorative cords and pompoms. For standard end tassels, you can purchase individual pieces or bulk orders of 1,000 pieces or more. The enveloped area is encapsulated with a spell that often includes the year of graduation and perhaps the school mascot.