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What stores sell graduation tassels?

The tassel depot can provide your graduating class with the perfect graduation tassels and tassel keepsakes. They are available in a variety of bold solid colors and color combinations and can purchase end tassels on their own or as part of a cap pack. Each graduation honor cord and stole is available in a variety of sizes, lengths, colors, and custom printing options. As a leading manufacturer of tassels and graduation accessories, Tassel Depot can equip your graduating class with everything they need for graduation.

We offer standard adult tassels, jumbo tassels, nursery and preschool graduation tassels, and a special sparkly graduation tassel with a rhinestone year pendant. When you shop at Tassel Depot, you can choose from an extensive selection of solid tassel colors. Although there is some variation on which side of the cap the tassel should be worn on, students generally wear tassels on the left and postgraduates wear tassels on the right. Finishing tassels are bundles of colorful thread that hang from a gold or silver clasp, often worn on a graduation cap, or distributed as a keepsake.

This graduation accessory can be available in the same colors and pendants as your graduation cap tassel. Graduation cap tassels, graduation sashes, graduation cords and honor cords are available in a variety of color combinations at Honors Graduation. Create the perfect graduate look with quality graduation tassels, graduation caps, honor cords and graduation stoles, all made in the USA. Graduation tassels are usually worn on a graduation cap during a high school or university party.

Traditionally, a year pendant is attached to the metal clasp of a graduation tassel, which indicates the year of graduation. These products are available for all school levels and are designed for educational institutions, so you can buy large graduation tassels for your students.