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What the heck is mochi?

Mochi is traditionally made by whipping glutinous rice into a paste and then forming it into different shapes and sizes. After a tremendous amount of research and conversation with my Japanese friends, I came to the conclusion that it was pronounced “moh-chee.” Most mochi are now made with modern machines, but there are still facilities that do it in the traditional way. The second syllable is pronounced with a normal sound, as in English.

In summary, these pillow balls of goodness — correctly pronounced as “moh-chee” — are so much more.

Is machi pronounced or mochi?

He replies that he will, and Machi also expresses that she will be lonely as they can’t see each other that often. Still, she really wanted to live up to her mother’s expectations, but even when she became “perfect,” Machi never deserved a slap on the back from her mother. During her student council meeting, Yuki silently breaks a piece of chalk, creating an imperfection in the room to make machi comfortable. While you may be tempted to think that mochi is just a dessert fad, there’s a lot more to Mochi.