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What vulnerability means?

Since the sound of the cup and the black are not that different, the jaw is pretty much in the same place for the entire word. The word vulnerable has some important sounds to discuss, such as the black and the dark L and the difference between a W and a V. When I was asked to explain the word vulnerable, I immediately had a vision of myself 15 years ago and struggled with that word when I tried to express myself in a delicate situation . I don’t want you to feel vulnerable when you say that word and so I’m going to explain to you how to say that word clearly and effortlessly.

But most of the time, the word “vulnerable” is a beautiful, delicate word that distills the experience of non-native speakers when they have difficulty pronouncing a particular word.

Why is vulnerable considered vulnerable?

Late Latin vulnerabilities, from Latin vulnerable to wound, from Vulner wound, vulnar wound; likely to pluck similar to Latin vellere, Greek oulae wound. I don’t like the pronunciation, although it’s true that in English the letter l next to another consonant tends to be skipped. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online news sources to reflect the current use of the word “vulnerable.” In other words, someone (or something) can be prone to criticism or failure as well as literal wounds.

Vulnerable originally meant being physically wounded or being vulnerable (the latter is now outdated), but since the late 16th century it has also been used figuratively to suggest defenselessness against non-physical attacks. The full pronunciation also highlights the etymology of the word I like and is derived as from the Latin word vulnus, a wound.