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Where to learn how to clean pools?

Find a neighbor or a friend. However, as this is not possible for every budget or equipment, we recommend that you run the filter for at least 10 to 12 hours a day. This will flip the water a few times and keep your pool safe and clean. Pool cleaning is not a “learn-as-you-go business.”

Cleaners should be trained in their work, either through training with a reputable doctor. Pool cleaners must be responsible for the complete maintenance and care of a pool. That’s a lot of work for a pool owner, and even more is expected from a professional. You need to understand the chemicals involved and the science behind pool water.

If you just want to run a pool cleaning business and not overall maintenance, there aren’t that many regulations. To check and adjust the chemical balance of the water, maintain the pumps and filters, check and clean the skimmers. Pool cleaning is a seasonal business (even in the southern United States), and business owners need to prepare for the industry’s ebbs and flows. Keep your pump running long enough every day to ensure that the water is properly filtered and that every item in the circulation system is clean and in good condition.

Once you’ve evaluated the pros and cons and decided that a pool cleaning company is right for you, you need to decide whether you just want to clean or maintain. If you’re not ready to take the training it takes to understand all of this, starting a pool cleaning business might not be for you. It’s important to find out if there are legal requirements for pool cleaners in the areas you expect to work in. It also helps to motivate themselves as business owners spend much of their time alone cleaning pools and are sympathetic as owners often see their customers cleaning pools.

Try removing debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool where it becomes difficult to remove and can stain. A pool service company makes money by charging for pool cleaning and minor pool repairs. When you search for pool cleaners in your area and collect cost estimates, ask them how long they expect to clean each. That’s why it’s generally a good idea to find a pool cleaning company that can perform more cost-effective weekly maintenance.