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Which is correct makeup or make up?

It’s a word without a hyphen. Makeup works like an adjective, word, or phrase that modifies a noun, such as a makeup test. Makeup is a noun while makeup is a verb phrase. Which one you use depends on the part of speech you need.

Can you make up the makeup exam? You can catch up on the makeup exam. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online news sources to reflect the current use of the word “makeup.” More from Merriam-Webster on Makeup What is (another word for) the big idea? Test your visual vocabulary with our 10 questions. Makeup can also be rendered as separate makeup, although the hyphen has largely been omitted since the 1980s.

And at this point, she might as well move into Lagerfeld’s guest room, she eventually has so much going on for the brand that it’s just announced that she’s going to launch her next makeup campaign. That was the composition of Arsenal’s midfield for the FA Cup fourth round clash with Burnley at Emirates Stadium on Saturday, with Mohamed Elneny making his debut, Francis Coquelin returning from injury, and Alex Iwobi only giving a third start to his senior career. I will also show how to use a mnemonic device that makes choosing makeup or makeup a little easier. College Board Vice President Stacy Caldwell for College Readiness Assessment said the makeup test would likely be scheduled in about a month, according to the Associated Press.

Since makeup is a compound noun, like the takeout and kickoff compound nouns, the construction of the word is an indication that makeup is a noun.