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Why is it so hard to draw a circle?

When you create a circle, it’s best to start by drawing “ghost lines” to guide you as you create the curve. It can be difficult to draw circles freehand, fortunately, there are a variety of tools and tactics to help you out. You can start by letting your pencil float above the paper surface in your hand. Your elbow may move slightly, but try to hold your wrist tight.

Then hold the end without the pencil paper and rotate the compass 360 degrees to make the pen draw a perfect circle.

Is it possible to draw a perfect circle?

Slide the tack into the tip in the middle of the circle and place the loop end of the spike over it. Just find a circular object the size of the circle you want to draw and place it face down on your paper. When you draw a square and then draw two lines that cross to form a two-by-two grid, the lines touch the square where you want your circle to reach the square. This is probably the quickest and easiest way to draw a circle, as long as you don’t need a very specific size.

When you draw something as difficult as a circle, it just makes sense to use tools that make it easier.